sms for friendsip with girls

Larka: Tum Mere Sapno Me, Khwabon Me,

Jazbaaton Me Rehti Ho
Larki: Bhaiya, Tumko Kisi Ne Bewkoof Banaya Hai,

Main To Apne ghar Me Rehti Hu 😛 😉

D day u came 2 my life

I crowned u my sweetest friend
I judge u not for ur beauty or tone
but I feel u as my own 4ever…
sms for friendsip with girls

friends R those rare people
who ask how R U… ?
ten wait to hear D answer

making friends is not abt collecting diamonds! its abt accepting 1 as coal n wait til d warmth of frndship turns it to diamond

Opens Many Doors
Each Tym With A Different View
None Could Be More Beautiful
Then D 1 That Lead 2 U

friendship …
Is a strong & habitual Inclination
In two persons to promote
D good & happ!ness
of 1 another .

Frds R D Smell Of Cigrates Whch Stays In D Finger Tips 4 A Short Time Bt True Frnz R Lyk D Nicotine In D Cigrates Wich Stay In D Heart Til Death.

Weakly 1 Day Holiday,
Monthly 1 Day Salary Day,
Yearly 1 Day Birthday,
Lifely 1 Day Death Day,
But Sharing FriendshiP
is Every Day

Boy: Hey i bough a new iphone 6

Girl: Wow.. Konsi company ka?

Boy: Ja behan tu ghar ja, reebok ka laya ho 😛

friendship is not written by chalk
2 erase or write again.
its written with da ink of love
on d wall of heart
once written cant be changed dat frndship.

Friends R Like Delicate Flower…
They Dry Not Die..
However I M Cactus I Will Be Always
Poking U So That U Will Remember Me….

Friendships May Be
Lyk D Seasons,
Blowing Hot And Cold,
But Always Needed
Whatever D Weather

So Many Hands
In 1 Tiffin Box
So many Friends
In 1 Bench
So many Calls On
1 Birthday Night
So Many Tears For
1 Little Fight
Friends R D
Best Parts Of Our

Sometimes I Want To Shout
To The World
How Lucky I m To Have You As My Friend
Sometimes I Want To Hush …
Afraid That
Somebody Might Take You Away From Me

Great Quote:

I Will Alwayz Beside U
Until D Very End
Wiping All Ur Tears Away
Being Ur Best Friend
I Will Smile When U Smile
& Feel All The Pain U Do
& If U Cry A Single Tear
I Promise I Cry Too

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