New Friendship sms for Best Friend

2 things U important in Our life.!.
First One,
you should make.!
Second One,
you should keep.!

is a Sun, which rises,
only when Ur heart has
set on it
is a Throne, U can sit,
only when U share Ur
kingdom wid it

Love makes u realize how wonderful d world is but its a frnd who makes u realize how wonderful U R 2 d world. 4 all my best friends

Friends r da cutest, lovble idiots in dis world!!!
Bcoz they can die for friendship at any instant…
But At da same time,they wil demand a treat for Dying.

Friendship Is A Lifelong Incurable Disease
Happy Heart
Lots Of Laughs
Few Fights
Couple Of Tears
Some Hugs n
Many Pointless Convrsations Via Sms Or Calls
If Youve Any Of d Above Symptoms, Dont Panic
Congrates U R Infected with Friendship

F + r + i + e + n + d + s
Walk Lightly Into Our Lives
Slowly Into Our Mind
At 1st We Never Care
Who They r…
Later We Dont Know
Who We r Without
Them .

How can U tell D rain not 2 fall
when clouds exist?
How can U tell the leaves not 2 fall
when wind exist?
How can U tell me not 2 fall in friendship
when U exist.

R e m e m b e r !!
The greatest gift
Is not found
In a store nor under a tree,
In the hearts of
F R I E N D S …

FRIENDS r Like D Pillars On A Porch
Sometimes They Hold You Up
Sometimes They Lean On You
Sometimes Its Just Enuf To Know That They r Standing By

U All r My
Strength, My Power,
My Belief, My
Imagination, My
Above all, U All r
The Back Bone Of My
Life & I m Proud That
U r A Part Of It

are the link between
ourselves and the road to
happiness ,
success ,
without them we are lost

Love is like a chewing gum,
it tastes only in the beginning!
But friendship is like chocolate,
it tastes till it ends!

Love Is Not Only Made 4 Lovers!
It Is Also Made 4 True Friends.
A True Friend Can Love More Than A Lover!

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