Friendship SMS Messages Sweetest Collection

What R Difference At?
I Hv Killed All Those Who Were Between I & U.
Just 4 Our Friendship

A Friend Is
Long Sought
Hardly Found
With Difficulty Kept

F r i e n d z
never search 4
reason Y
they like U
all they search 4
D reasons 2
show how much they do

Road Has Speed
Bank Has Money
Exam Has Time
Building Has Height
Bt Frendship Has
NO Limit

A Friend Is 1 Special Person Who
Can Pull Out A Happy Tear From
UR Eye … Even If U Dont
Have Tears 2 Cry

Friendship is
a priceless
gift that cant be
bought or sold
2 have an
understanding …
Friend is far more
worth than gold ..

A Friend Is 1 Who Advise U 2 Study Well
But A Best Friend Is 1 Who Stands In
Examination Hall n Says Abay Kitna Likhega?
Larkiyan Ja Rahi hai

S upport Us
P ray 4 Us
E ncourage Us
C are 4 Us
I nspire Us
A dvise Us
L ove Us
Hope We Remain

A Friend Is Some1 Who
Knows D Song
In ur Heart
And Can Sing It Back
2 U Wen U Have
Forgotten D Words.

D Words That Escape
A Best Friend Mouth R
Ill Be There Wen U Say You Need Me
But D Words That R Unheard
From A True Friends Heart R
Ill Be There…
Whether U Say
You Need Me Or Not.

I Miss Ur Face
I Miss Ur Voice
I Miss Ur Smile
I Miss Ur Call
I Miss Ur Company
I Nevr Mis Ur
Honest & Sweetest
Joking Yaar…..
Missing every things about u Dil se

Just A Note 2 Say That Our Friendship Has No ENding & Its Grows On & ON
Just A Note
Friendship Help UsOpen Our Heart In Way That We Thought Were Never Possible
Just A Note
Thanks 4 Being EveryThing 2 Me Thanks 4 Being My Friend

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