Best Friendship sms 140 character

Best Friendship sms 140 character

Rishton ki Dori Kamjor Hoti Hai,
Aankhon ki baaten dil ki chor hoti hai,
Khuda ne jab b puchha dosti ka matlab
Hamari ungli Hamesha aapki orr hoti hai
aapki ungli ???????

Minutes R small,hours R less, days R short, months R enough 2 be with u,I can take Infinite births if I get a sweet friend like u.

Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love.
Love risks degenerating into obsession,
Friendship is never anything but sharing.

Frendship is a promise spoken by da heart, it is nt given by pledge, it is nt ritten on paper, its a promise renewed everytime

Frendship is nt da thing 2 hold ur hand wen thousands r wid U
but it is that trust
which hold ur hand wen thousands r against U

Humari aapki dosti bilkul FIX hai,
Happiness or Sadness sab kuch MIX hai,
Hum to Aapko na bhulenge kabhi,
Ap bhool na jayen bus thora sa RISK hai..

talash karoge to koi mil jayega magar meri tarah dosti kyon nibhayega

mana ki kami nahi aapko dosto ki par

kya koi hamari jagah le payega

Age appears 2 be best in some things.
Old wood best 2 burn.
Old books best 2 read.
Old rice best to eat &
old friends best 2 keep.

A Broken Star Asked Me 2 Choose A Million Dollars & A Nice Friend.
It Took Me A Second In Choosing Million Dollars. Why? Bcoz I Already Have U.

U know which
is D best part
of life ?
wen ur family
becomes ur friend….
and ur friends
become ur family..

wonderful people R carefully created by god,
wonderful moments R carefully planned by god,
wonderful friends like U R carefully gifted by god

D)-dua dene wala.
O)-omeed ki kiran
S)-sath nbhane wala
T)-tanhai ka sathi
I)-Atbar k kabil.

A sweetest frnd is like a pillow..
wen u r tired u sleep on it..
wen u r sad u drop tears on it..
wen u r angry u punch it..
wen u r happy u hug it.

Good Friends R 1 In A Million.
Good Friends R Stories 2 Share.
Good Friends Know D Path 2 UR
Happiness, & They Walk Wid U
All D Way There.

secret of friendship
isn’t finding a perfect friend but loving imperfect friend perfectly
true friendship doesnt have any ending
it simply never ends

dilon ko khareedney wale hazar mil jayege,
aap ko dagaa dene wale bar-bar mil jayege,
milega na aapko hum jesa koi,
milne ko to dost beshumar mil jayege.

Friendship is D hardest thing in the world 2 explain.
Its not something U learn in school.
But if U have n’t learned D meaning of friendship,
U really have n’t learned anything.

Life can b hard,
nt always fun.
Night brings darkness
and morning brings sun.
Wn life seems tough
n nobdy seems to care,
Dil se Karna yaad,
Ill b there.

Some joys R better explained in silence,
as a smile gets more audible than laughter.
I was asked if I enjoyed my friendship with U.
I just smiled.

Umeed aisi ho jo jeeny ko majboor kare,
Raah aise ho jo chalneko mujboor kare,
Mahak kum na ho kabhi apni dosti ki,
Dosti aiseho jo milne ko majbur kare

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