Best Friendship Day Sms and Quotes 2015

Best Friendship Day Sms and Quotes 2015

If somebody leaves u with lots of tears.. then just save them safely. later wen a person who cums 2 u with happiness, then just compare the saved tears and present happiness. If happiness overcomes your tears …. Then i am sure you have found your BEST FRIEND.

Love is post paid, 1 month u dont pay, conection will be cut.
But friendship is life time prepaid whether u pay or not, incoming is free 4 lifetime.

True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost.

ur smile is my big sunrise,
ur kiss is my sunset.
Thx 4 being
D my best friend .

Fishes travel in water;
Birds travel in air;
But my dear-you travel in my heart.
Please continue your journey dear

Frndshp is like standin on wet cement..The longer u stay,the harder it is 2 leave nd u can never go without leavin footprints behind.

What is Friendship?
It is a ship loaded wid love, care & share
crossing D sea of heart having no wheels of sorry & thanks

Beleive not only in urself, but beleive in ur friends as well 4 it is in D eye’s of ur friends that U discover yourself.

1 Seed Can Create D Forest.
1 Smile Can Start A Relationship.
1 Touch Can Show Love-and-Care.
& Friend Like U Can Bring Meanin to Live

Every tear is a sign of brokenness,
Every silence is sign of lonliness,
Every smile is sign of kindness,
Every sms is sign of remembrance

Mahak dosti ki ishq se kum nahi hoti
Ishq se zindgi khatam nahi hoti
Sath agar ho zindgi main doston ka
To zindgi jannat se kum nahi hoti

dil darkan k bina
jesam rooh k bina
insan muhbat k bina
husan tareef k bina
phool khosbo k bina
ur men tum sy bat kiy bina

Lips don’t join wen we say “LOVE”
thats “sign of distance..
But wen we say “FREINDSHIP” lips joins 2 times.
thats “Sign f closeness” check it!

One should try to make new friends everyday, without the company of friends life is barren, and has no meaning. One should learn the art of making friends, because at the end of the life we remember our friends.

how are Aasmaan ke Taare Aksar Puchate hai Humse, Kya Tumhe Aaj bhi Intzaar hai Uske Laut aane ka…Aur Ye Dil Muskurake Kehta Hai, Mujhr Abb Tak Yakin nahi hua Uske jane ka !!

A Bond Of Love,
Medal Of Trust,
Shouldr In Sadness,
Hand In Darkness,
A Special Relation to hold,
A Ear Wear Secrets Can Be Told
Is the Magic Frendship

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